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Computers are now ubiquitous but sometimes we all need a little help getting them to work properly. Serving clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas, Compulink Consulting specializes in networking, troubleshooting, virus removal, installations, tune-ups, upgrades and of course ‘Quirky Problems’. If you need someone to trust, we are here to provide straight forward answers and good advice. We provide computer services to small and medium sized businesses. We also do house calls and are especially senior friendly. For quick professional on-site service, call us today to speak to a consultant.




We provide networking services to small and medium sized businesses. We can help configure shared printers or data directories as well as setup your network router, Internet modem, and Wi-Fi Access Points etc.


When your computer glitches up, we can help troubleshoot hardware and/or software errors. This can include email problems, network problems, printer problems and last but not least, ‘Quirky Problems’

Virus Removal

Are you getting a lot of unwanted pop-ups when using your computer?  We can remove malware, trojans, adware and viruses to restore your computer back to health. Is your computer running really slow? We can also provide tune-up services to remove junk and unneeded programs to get your computer back up to normal speeds.

Installation, Setup & Upgrades

Are you planning to upgrade your computer? We can help move all your pictures, videos, favorites, emails and documents from your old computer to your new computer or laptop. Need help setting up your smart home devices? We provide integration services to connect your Smart TV, Smart Security, or Smart lighting modules to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa systems.

Backup Systems

Hard drive failure is not a matter of if but when. Backups of your most important data is a crucial part of computer maintenance. We are an authorized distributor of Macrium Reflect backup software. Macrium can create a whole image of your hard drive and can restore all your programs, favorites, settings, email and data without having to separately install everything from scratch. Macrium also provides protection from ransomware attacks that can lock your data.

Data Recovery or Data Wiping

Hard drive or memory stick is corrupted and you don’t have a backup? We can try to recover your data locally. For more complex or hard to recover devices, we can send it out to a data recovery center to salvage critical data. If you require your old hard drive wiped before recycling, we provide different levels of data destroying services matched to your needs.

Custom Built Computers

Need a computer with specific components? We can custom build a computer to your needs with the exact specifications that you require.

Service Contracts

Keep your office computer systems running smoothly with a yearly service contract. We can provide priority response within 4 office hours on emergency or urgent calls. For some basic computer issues or routine upgrades/updates, we can troubleshoot by remotely connecting to your computer. 

Web Design

Looking to increase your web presence? We can custom build your website using WordPress with SEO optimization. We will work with you to custom design each web page with content, images and videos that expresses your style.


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Friendly Professional On-site Service, 33 Years Experience, Reasonable Rates.

Free over the phone consultations for quick fixes or timely advice.

We’ve been the Consumer Choice Award Winner for 2006, 2007, 2008, & 2011 and continue to provide great service to all our clients.


We Sell and Install The Following Software

Microsoft, Bitdefender, Symantec, Kaspersky, Macrium, Adobe, Sage, Intuit, Malwarebytes

We Sell and Install The Following Hardware

Dell, Brother, HP, Acer, Microsoft, Logitech, Seagate, Western Digital, Linksys, D-Link, Epson, Fujitsu

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Retired 2021

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